Hans Gál – Recommended Recordings

Symphonies & Orchestral Music

Hans Gál, The Symphonies

Symphonies 1-4, Kenneth Woods, Orchestra of the Swan, Avie 2322

Symphony no. 1 (+ F. Schubert, Symphony no.6), Thomas Zehetmair, Northern Sinfonia, Avie 2224

Symphony no. 1 (+ R. Schumann, Symphony no.1), Kenneth Woods, Orchestra of the Swan, Avie 2233

Symphony no. 2 (+ F. Schubert, Symphony no.9), Thomas Zehetmair, Northern Sinfonia, Avie 2224

Symphony no. 2 (+ R. Schumann, Symphony no.4), Kenneth Woods, Orchestra of the Swan, Avie 2232

Symphony no. 3 (+ R. Schumann, Symphony no.3), KennethWoods, Orchestra of the Swan, Avie 2230

Symphony no. 4 (+ R. Schumann, Symphony no.2), Kenneth Woods, Orchestra of the Swan, Avie 2231

Cello Concerto (+ E. Elgar, Cello Concerto), Northern Sinfonia, Antonio Meneses (cello), Claudio Cruz, Avie 2237

Hans Gál, Violin Concerto & Sonata

Violin Concerto, Violin Sonata, Israel Chamber Orchestra, Thomas Irnberger (violin), Evgeni Sinaiski (piano), Roberto Paternostro, Gramola SACD 98921

Violin Concerto; Violin Concertino; Triptych for Orchestra, Northern Sinfonia, Annette-Barbara Vogel (violin), Kenneth Woods, Avie 2146

Piano Concerto (+ W.A. Mozart, Piano Concerto no.22), Royal Northern Sinfonia, Sarah Beth Briggs (piano), Kenneth Woods, Avie 2358

The combination of the Hans Gál and Mozart piano concertos is particularly fortuitous – and the connection between the works arguably much stronger than that between the former’s symphonies and those of Robert Schumann. Highlighting the classical and transparent side of Gál’s compositions, it is an ideal starting point for the newcomers Gál-journey.

Chamber Music

Hans Gál, Violin Sonatas

Two Violin Sonatas; Suite for Violin and Piano, Annette-Barbara Vogel (violin), Juhani Lagerspetz (piano), Avie 2182

Quartets Nos. 1–4, Edinburgh String Quartet, Meridian 84557

The String Quartets are wonderful, the performances (out of print, in any case) just good enough to get as much across… but excellent new performances are desperately needed by an enterprising quartet willing to really get acquainted with Hans Gál’s idiom.

Piano Trios, Variations on a popular Viennese Tune, Karin Adam, Doris Adam, Christoph Stradner, Camerata 28149

Hans Gál, Piano Trio

Piano Trio (+ Goldmark & Zemlinsky, Piano Trios), Thomas Irnberger (violin), Evgeni Sinaiski (piano), Attila Cernitori (cello), Gramola SACD 98933

Bending and twisting with summery delight, the Trio makes no bones about Schubert and Bahms as its musical idols: radical in 1949! The rest on this disc is also ready Surprised-by-Beauty material: Zemlinksy’s Opus Three (here with Violin instead of Clarinet) is a darkly Brahmsian beauty, and Karl Goldmark’s contribution to the genre a real earworm-in-waiting.

String Trios (+ Hans Krasá, Works for String Trio), Ensemble Epomeo, Avie 2259

Hans Gál, Piano Quartet, Sonatinas for Violin & Piano

Piano Quartet, Sonatinas for Violin & Piano, Katalin Kertész (violin), Nichola Blakey (viola), Crssida Nash (cello), Sarah Beth Briggs (piano), Toccata Classics 0433

Music for Cello, Alfia Nakipbekova (cello), Jakob Fichert (piano), Toccata Classics 0043

Complete Works for Solo Piano, Leon McCawley, Avie 2064

Complete Works for Piano Duo, Goldstone and Clemmow, Divine Art 245098

These quality piano duos, in thoughtful performances by Caroline Clemmow and Anthony Goldstone, make a graceful introduction to the composer. See ionarts review: Dip Your Ears, No. 132 (Gál’s Marionettes)


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